A Little Box Full of Life

That’s it! You’ve made up your mind. You’re going to take better care of yourself by modifying some of your bad habits and choosing a healthier lifestyle; it seems simple! Add a little green here, take a little gluten away there, a little bit of veganism, a touch of organic, some fair-trade products… but you have no idea where to start.

What if you could have a trial run before permanently adopting these good habits? Give yourself a couple of months to try them out with a subscription to the healthy box, The Little Life Box.

Oh no, not another box, you may say… Indeed, boxes are in style. They exist in every colour, for every theme: beauty, lifestyle, food, DIY, all with lots of more or less useful and interesting items for you to test and discover. The difference here is the Little Life Box only wants what’s best for you!

Each month you’ll receive a box full of surprises to benefit not only your health, but to improve your beauty regime, and even satisfy your sweet tooth, and it all comes wrapped up in a pretty little package. The founders, Suzanne and Chelsea, both believe that “the concept to take one healthy step at a time is the right way to adopt a healthier lifestyle. By changing one bad habit for a good one and making decisions we can feel good about making. No pressure, no fads.”

Let them guide you towards your new healthy lifestyle!

The Little Life Box.

Little Life Box: $19.99 monthly subscription + $3.75 delivery fees
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