Well-being in the Woods

We hesitated quite a bit before revealing this location. We sort of wanted to keep this magical place — where you can recharge, unwind, and disconnect — all to ourselves.
But, because it’s you… we changed our minds!
Spend the weekend at Mariposa Farm, where you can get away from the hustle and bustle, immerse yourself in the forest, and become a voluntary castaway. Leave your car, and all of the troubles of the modern world behind, and take a delightful stroll down a nature trail instead.
Imagine, it’s located only 20 minutes from Montreal! Perched on a promontory in the middle of the woods, your weekend refuge awaits: a cabin with huge bay windows that offer views of the great outdoors, no electricity, a wood-burning stove and ecological dry toilets. Peace and quiet, the only the sound you’ll hear are the birds singing. It’s like you’re completely cut off from the outside world. Finally!

PS: Okay. If by Sunday, you’re already missing the comforts of civilization, come join us for a farm-to-table lunch in our dining room. You are, after all, on an organic farm where ducks, pigs, and chickens roam free. Oh, and be sure to bring your appetite!

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