The top 4 ‘glamping’ destinations

A camping trip? Alright, but…
If, like us, lugging a tent, breaking your back on an air mattress and being eaten alive by mosquitoes is not your cup of tea, opt for luxury style camping instead. ‘Glamping’ – short for glamorous camping – is the ideal way to experience the splendour of the outdoors without sacrificing the creature comforts you can’t live without.

Our best spots for embarking on an adventure… in comfort and style.

Unusual and Luxurious: The Bubble
Imagine a transparent, spherical room built on stilts, in the middle of the forest. Perfect for stargazing from the comfort of bed, all warm and cozy beneath a down-filled duvet, with your favourite playlist playing in the background. We love: The Ti and Gros Bouleaux bubbles at Domaine Canopée Lit, along the creek. $160, breakfast included. For 2 people. 6 hours from Montreal.

tentAuthentic and Comfortable : The Huttopia Tent
Built on a wooden platform, it looks like a real prospector’s tent. It comes equipped with a kitchen, beds and even a heating system. We particularly love the Stukely Lake area in the Mont Orford National Park, for its picturesque shallow-water beach. From $100 to $119. Up to 5 people. An hour and a half from Montreal. Available at 15 other SEPAQ national parks.

Rustic and Traditional:  The Treehouse
A sanctuary 5 metres aboveground, a real childhood dream. Sure to satisfy the Robinson Crusoe is us all, you can snore the night away, nestled comfortably among the trees. We love: Le Paradis Perché, with its breathtaking views of Jay Peak and the Missisquoi Valley. $159 for 4 adults. Up to  6 people. An hour and a half from Montreal.

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