Great Restaurants at Half the Price

They say that you get what you pay for… Um, really?

Well no, not all the time. For you dear reader, we’ve discovered some restaurants where you can eat very, very well, at half the usual cost. In order to take advantage of this offer, there’s only one condition: you’ve got to go after, rather than before, a concert or a movie, as these attractive offers are only available for the second seating.

The most bistronomique: Lemeac. Servers clad in livery and tartar to die for. Normally, the bill would be painful, however after 10pm your choice of an appetizer and an entrée are only $25.

The most French cuisine: Chez Victoire. Seasonal products, the classics revisited, an impressive wine list and a ‘beautiful people’ ambience. $25 for an appetizer and an entrée after 10pm.

The most “brasserie style”: Chez Lévêque. Smoked herring, duck parmentier or veal sweetbreads, Lévêque knows the classics and has been preparing them impeccably for the last 40 years. $21 starting at 9pm.

The Portuguese restaurant that makes even the Portuguese jealous: Portus Calle. Chef Helena Loureiro and her exquisite cuisine needs no introduction. 3 course menu for $25 after 9pm.

The most Mediterranean: Milos. Perfectly cooked fish, exquisitely seasoned seafood, 30 years of experience. $25 after 10pm.

Worth staying up late for, isn’t it?

By the way, Minibulles believes in freedom of speech and did not receive any monetary compensation for this article.
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