Back to School Pizza

Dream: You are in Italy, at a charming trattoria, enjoying a delicious pizza.

Reality: Back to school, back to the routine, back to boring packed lunches.
What would you say to a discount getaway?

It’s all happening at Melrose, a brand new topissima pizzeria in NDG. Behind the counter, Paolo and his team expertly blend select ingredients to create mouthwatering pizzas fresh out of the oven: Mmmm tomato, eggplant, fresh mint, almond and lemon zest – 15$. Their ingredients come from the best Italian and Spanish grocery shops, and don’t even get us started on their Charlevoix sausage! Seat yourself at a table in the stylish yet cozy dining room, and clink your Chianti-filled glasses. Another option: we don’t have very many warm days left, so why not take your oven-fresh pizza to go and enjoy it at a neighbouring park?MB_pizza

Back to school? What back to school?!



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