Cocktail Confidential

Turn up your jacket collar, walk down Saint Denis Street, and stop in front of the detective agency. Now, make sure you’re not being followed. Alright, carry on…

Behind door number one, there’s… a wall, and on this wall you’ll find a secret brick on which you must tap in a code to gain access. Did the brick just move? Good. That means you have just arrived at 4ème mur, a clandestine speakeasy that recaptures the ambiance of the Prohibition-era 1920s.

Hurry up and come inside, because downstairs is where the atmosphere of the roaring ’20s is in full swing: a burlesque dancer lasciviously undresses on an intimate stage, while Max and his team of gentlemanly mixologists concoct cocktails that make sparks fly. (Tell us what you think of the Don Capone, a delicate combination of ginger, black tea and Tequila).

The stage is set. We won’t say anything more. In any case, the address remains a well-kept secret: the only way to find out is by registering on their site.

Click here if you’d like to taste the most confidential cocktails in Montreal for free!

Minibulles believes in freedom of speech and did not receive any monetary compensation for this article.

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