Your next book

Who hasn’t at least once been excited by the thought of writing their first novel… and then just as quickly abandoned the idea? How to find an editor, let alone readers? It’s not even worth trying. But what if, for once, you throw your self-doubt out the window?

Because on Wattpad, you are only one click away from getting started and, more importantly, getting your work read. Your protagonist isn’t likeable enough? Your storytelling is a little shaky? Rely on your community to let you know by the first chapter. An american housewife got bored in her native Texas and overcame her boredom by writing her first book on her cell phone. The result? Millions of readers, a print edition and a film in the making. In a nutshell, it’s a success story.

What if the next one could be yours?
Not exactly a writer at heart? Maybe your friend is. Become her first reader!

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