He’s a wild one. And we like it!

The doorbell rings. You open the door, and… wow! You’re speechless. You are overcome by an untamed beauty. How wild and exciting! It’s inevitable, you have been seduced, so you take out… your nicest vase.

Of course, it’s a bouquet! What did you expect? But this one is only composed of local and seasonal wild flowers. Forget fluorescent colours, straight cut and tied flowers. This bouquet is alive, vibrant, roaring! And, it’s been to delivered to you by a self-proclaimed “flower boy” whom, if you’re interested, will also bring you a bottle of wine on Thursday evening, a “bouquet meal” on Friday afternoon, and hot croissants on Saturday morning. And what if we’d like them to keep coming? C’mon, we’re subscribing.

MiniBulles and Garçon Fleur are offering a wild bouquet. EXPIRED
One MiniBulles subscriber will receive two floral bouquets, delivered by bike to your front door. Check your email to participate. What’s that? You don’t get our newsletter? Subscribe quickly so that no good deal escapes you!

Garçon Fleur – Delivery available in Montreal only.

By the way, Minibulles believes in freedom of speech and did not receive any monetary compensation for this article.

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