Five apps to help you make the most of your city

1 – No more waiting in line at the clinic: Yes, you read that right! From now on you can wait at home instead of in a packed waiting room. After having registered online on Chronometric‘s website, you’ll be placed in a virtual waiting line and you’ll receive alerts when your turn is coming up. We have been dreaming about it, Chronometric did it. $3 service fee, available in Quebec.

2 – Pay for your parking without getting off your butt: No more running to the car for fear of getting a ticket. Just stay in the restaurant with your friends and use your phone instead. Once you have downloaded the app you can recharge the parking meter from a distance and track the remaining time. Then, you can relax.
PService Mobile: free. 30 cents service fee. On iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, available in Montreal.

3 – Manage your commutes down to the millimetre: What bus should I take? At what time is it coming? Where’s the next bus stop? Actually, wouldn’t the metro be quicker? Panic starts to set in. Don’t worry: Transit app has it all figured out for you. It’s like public transport GPS.
Transit App, free. On iPhone and Android, available in Montreal and all major Canadian cities.

4 – Share all your favorite tips and discoveries: our MiniBulles app allows you to find all the best tips to experience Montreal to the fullest, but also gives you the opportunity to share your favourite discoveries. We are waiting for you. MiniBulles, free. On iPhone. Bon plans à Montréal (Apps in french).

5 – Call a taxi: No need for cash or even your credit card to take a taxi. With Uber you can call a car, track its movement in real-time and get dropped off at your destination. No need to dig into your pocket: you have already paid via the app. Uber, free. On iPhone and Android. Available in Montreal and worldwide.


And what’s more?

MiniBulles offers you a $20 credit to try out Uber with the promo code: MINIBULLES.

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