Where to go for cheaper alcohol prices

“Alcohol prices are dropping!”
I repeat.
“Alcohol prices are dropping!”
You must be wondering if you heard that right. Does the SAQ want to give us a belated Christmas present?
Not quite, but almost.

For a big party or just to stock up your wine cellar for a reasonable price, we have found the place where alcohol is cheaper: the SAQ depot

This warehouse, located at the Marché Central, is an oasis of wine and spirits which are sold at 15% less than at the regular outlets. On one condition: Leave with at least 12 bottles (of any variety). Now we hear you say: “These must be bottom-end wines that couldn’t even make it into stores.” Wrong! There’s a huge variety of premium quality brands.
Anything else?

SAQ dépôt 1001, Marché Central St., Local A – 514.383.9954. Open every day.

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