The Art of the Morning Ritual

Every morning it’s the same story. Every family has its own schedule, between waking up, showering, the kids’ outfits, the lunch boxes… everything is timed to the second! The results: your man doesn’t have one minute to himself to calmly shave, and ends up doing it in haste, like it’s a chore.

Admit it, what’s sexier than your man in the bathroom in the process of shaving? Razor in hand, the odour of shaving cream fills the air, and his slow, precise movements.

Give him the time it takes, at least on the weekend. At Rituels you will find the best in manual razors; disposables, safety razors, straight blades, as well as, brushes and creams… everything he needs to rediscover the pleasure of the almost ceremonial gesture.

manuel razorsEach one is nicer than the next! Michael, the owner, selects each razor with care and passion. Furthermore, your man can find loads of good advice on the Rituels blog: how to choose his traditional brush and razor, shaving with a safety razor, discover different blades… a world of info!

Pssstt… Good timing, it’s almost Christmas. Voilà, a unique present just for him, or almost! – Traditional razors and accessories. Priced from $50 to $300 depending on the model.

By the way, Minibulles believes in freedom of speech and did not receive any monetary compensation for this article.
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