5 Applications that could save your relationship

Dammit! It happened again. You find yourself with FOUR pounds of tomatoes but NO milk for tomorrow morning? Once again, you’ve both done the groceries, although you made sure to send your other half an email before heading home? And once again, you find yourself fighting: “Didn’t you read my email about the milk?”, “Oops, I’m not even sure I received that…”

The following apps should help prevent these kinds of arguments.

Yesware: This app will attach itself to Gmail and send you a notification when the addressee has opened your message. No more “I haven’t read your email” excuses. Free for up to 100 emails/month

Our grocery shopping list: A shared shopping list which updates itself. 4,99$ for iOS and Android

Glow: Are you planning on having a baby (or not)? This app will help you track your period and calculates your ovulation for you. Free for iOS and Android

Homyplus: This intuitive app gathers events and activities for the whole family in one schedule. Be informed of any changes immediately, never forget an appointment and make holiday planning a breeze. Free for iOS and soon Android

Avocado: For those who share everything but want to keep it private. It’s like Facebook, but only for the two of you. Create exclusive events, share your favorite pictures, chat or send kisses. 4,99$/3 months for the complete version. For iOS and Android

So let’s make peace now, shall we?

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