The Dinner Survival Kit

Empty fridge + friends coming over tomorrow night + no idea of a menu = Panic setting in…

Whoa… calm down, and take a deep breath, because we’ve got a solution for you. It’s called Cook it. Coming from the Mile End, it’s a little box containing a detailed recipe and all of the fresh ingredients needed. Wasabi Tuna, Sweet and Sour Halibut or Pork with Thai basil… the menus change every week, according to the chef’s inspiration.

Easy: All you have to do is call them one day in advance. Obviously this stays between us. Also, if anyone asks, you say “This recipe? I made it.”

foodieMiniBulles and Cook It are offering you a dinner for 2! EXPIRED
One MiniBulles subscriber will receive a Cook it box for 2. Check your emails to participate. What’s that? You don’t get our newsletter ? Subscribe quickly so that no good deal escapes you!

Cook it, a ready-to-cook meal delivered anywhere within the Island of Montreal.

By the way, Minibulles believes in freedom of speech and did not receive any monetary compensation for this article.
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