Eat in a chef’s kitchen

Pots and pans sizzling on the stove. Vegetables chopped at high speed. And that splendid sea bass will be put in the oven any minute now.

“Right, chef?”

Wait, what are you doing here, in the middle of Ikanos’s kitchen?

Ikanos, a restaurant that just opened its doors in Montreal’s old port. Delicious? Oh it is! Elegant? You bet! What about the service? Extremely pleasant. But what’s so special about Ikanos is the table for two, set right in the middle of its kitchen! Never has anyone had the pleasure of eating there. And you know what? It’s specially booked for you, lucky readers. When making a reservation, just say the password: “MiniBulles”.

Imagine, you can have front row seats to watch the ingenuity and creativity of the culinary master, chef Constant Mentzas. His mediterranean cuisine smells deliciously of olive oil, colourful vegetables and seafood mezze. At the end of the meal, you might even find yourself debating about cooking techniques.

Now that you know, what are you waiting for? And you can even share this secret with your girlfriends, we encourage you to.

Ikanos : 112, McGill St., Montreal. 514 -842-0867
Monday to Friday 11h30-14h30 17h30-22h30, Saturday 17h30-22h30.
À la carte, about $55 without wine.
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