It’s time for an Oyster Happy Hour!

While the sea may not actually reach the shores of Montreal, its precious fruits can be found just about anywhere in the city. Too many choices? Don’t worry, we’ve narrowed them down for you and have selected 4 gems that are sure to satisfy your oyster craving.

Hipster Happy Hour, Le North-End : This local Rosemont bar exclusively serves oysters and also offers inventive cocktails, a DJ and a comfy-cozy decor.

For a midnight snack, Le Majestique : Exciting ambience, fresh and delicious oysters, and late-night operating hours. Let the party begin!

When you’re on the go, la boite aux huîtres. Open all-year-round at Jean Talon market, this little gem offers an infinite variety of seafood. Located in the heart of Montreal, they provide sit-down table service, and orders are also available for take-out.

For a retro-Parisian vibe, le Pois Penché. Go for the red velvet canapés, intimate conversation, the waiters dressed in livery and their abundant seafood platters.

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The North-End : 5800 De La Roche St., Montreal, (514) 507-6678
Le Majestique : 4105 St-Laurent Blvd., Montreal, (514) 439-1850
La Boite aux huîtres: Jean Talon Market, Montreal, (514) 277 7575
Le Pois Penché : 230 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W., Montreal, (514) 667-5050
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