Choosing the right wine (for under $20)

You don’t know anything about choosing the right wine either? Do you walk into the SAQ with a look of despair, never knowing which wine to choose? Don’t worry. We asked an independent sommelier to unveil his best bottles – for under $20 – to be paired with any occasion.

To seduce your in-laws:
Perdera Argiolas Monica Di Sardegna 2011 Red, $15.70 » » »

Words to impress your guests: “This deserves to be served in a carafe” (allow 30 mins. to breathe)
To be enjoyed with: Pasta with Tomato Sauce, Flank Steak, Chili Con Carne.

To end your date:
Sieur D’Arques Première Bulle Sparkling White, $18.60 » » »

Words to impress your guests: “Mmm…You too? You taste it? That arousing hint of citrus?”
To be enjoyed with: Salmon Gravlax, Cod Brandade or Lobster with Lemon Butter.

For a girls’ night out:
Dopff & Irion Double Impact 2011 White, $19.45 » » »

Words to impress your guests: “The lemon gives way to a slightly buttery flavour and an aroma of white flowers.”
To be enjoyed with: Sushi, Yellow Tuna Tartar

To turn up the heat:
Monasterio de Las Vinas Reserva Red, $16.20 » » »

Words to impress your guests: “All the warmth of Spain can be found in the aroma.”
To be enjoyed with: Lamb Chops, Veal Kidney with Madere Sauce, Lac St-Jean Pie

For a pj and tv night:
Laguna De La Nava Gran Reserva 2008 Red, $16.35 » » »

Words to impress your guests: “Its tannins are enveloped in red fruit, nutmeg and vanilla.”
To be enjoyed with: Leg of Lamb, Beef Stew, Pasta with Butter, Pizza.


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