Three thrift stores that demand a visit

After scoping the city far and wide, and having tried on 12 pairs of jeans and 42 blouses, we have finally found the trifecta of the trendiest thrift stores in Montreal.

The most luxurious : Sharyn Scott. An iconic black Chanel vest, a Hermes bag that may as well still have the tag on it, Jimmy Choo scarves, and sometimes even signed Isabel Marant pieces. Big brand names at half the cost will have you prowling the hidden lair of Sharyn Scott, a store with 25 years of fashion know-how.

The most ecological : La Gaillarde. At the other end of the second-hand-clothing spectrum is an elegantly designed store that highlights and honours Quebec artists and environmentalists, all while putting their shop-a-holic customers first. In short, Gaillarde seamlessly mixes fun with sustainability.

The most 90s-inspired : Empire L’Échange. An original and hand-picked selection of 90s attire—faded jean shorts, leather boots and silky tops—a boutique with a clean and clutter-free layout, and reasonable prices all come together for a thrift-tastic time.

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Sharyn Scott : 4930B Sherbrooke St. W, Westmount.
La Gaillarde: 4019 Notre-Dame St. W, Montreal.
Empire L’Échange : 51 Bernard St. W, Montreal.
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