Luxury shopping without breaking the bank

Last season, you gave up on the idea of owning those Burberry boots, because of your poor finances. Today, just for you, we have found the place where you can acquire them… at 70% off! And not just those particular boots, but also Michael Kors goods and other high fashion designers. All without putting your account (too much) in the red. Over to you, and don’t forget to tell your friends.

* HR2: Holt Renfrew’s little brother offers a more accessible range of luxury brands and sales all year long. Right now, those much talked about Burberry boots are about 70% off. We also spotted a Michael Kors bag at $29!

* Beyond The Rack offers new sales on their website on a daily basis. Although they do not exclusively offer luxury brands, they do have frequent sales on major brands. We particularly liked their “monogrammed vintage madness” sale, with second hand Louis Vuitton bags, not to be found elsewhere.

* The Outnet is Net-a-Porter‘s very trendy fashion outlet. Edgy designers like Alexander Wang are sold for up to 50% off.

* Raymond4 and MiniTrade (both Quebecois companies) are a chic version of online closet sales, with second hand items from designer brands.

* Finally, LXR&Co‘s website is a goldmine for finding really luxurious, previously owned, accessories. There is even a Birkin Bar dedicated to the Hermès bag. Well, this is still way over our budget. But hey, we can still dream.

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