Beautiful Downloadable Furniture

If “Ikea alternative”, “local crafts” and “open source software” are concepts that speak to you, you
would love OpenDesk.

This site has come up with a wonderful idea: to openly post the blueprints for their furniture online, without having to buy the license. So, anyone can download the blueprints for any piece of furniture that they like, for free! As not everyone is equipped with a jigsaw, the site also proposes manufacturing solutions. OpenDesk gives local artisans and woodworking workshops the opportunity to offer their services to local customers. It’s possible to order untreated, cut pieces of wood, treated and cut pieces of wood, or even – for less DIY types – to entrust the whole manufacturing process to the artisan.

It may end up costing a little more than Ikea, but at least you’ll have a story to tell.

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