We’re Gonna Have a Party!

With this freezing weather, throwing Timmy a birthday party in the park could be complicated. However, trying to entertain 15 excited eight year-olds by playing musical chairs inside all day seems equally terrifying. Here are some fun birthday party ideas, despite the cold:

– Historical at Château Ramezay: dressing up in period costumes, preparing brioche bread and quill pen writing workshop to experience what life was like in 18th century Montreal. For children aged 6-12, $180 + tax, 10 kids max and two adults, 3 hours.

– Like Pollock at 4Cats Studio: ready to get messy? The little ones can enjoy themselves by splattering and dripping paint on a big canvas to create an abstract painting. Jackson Pollock had better watch out! For kids aged 3-16, $259 + tax, 10 kids max, 2 hours.

– Energetic at CEPSUM: sport and team games, trampoline, swimming and diving… A huge playground to stimulate the most exuberant of kids. 6-12 years, $200-250, 3-4 hours, max of 15 kids and two adults.

– Poetic at Patsy, the Mile-End fairy offers workshops for creating “haute couture” greeting cards. Hand stitched messages to spread some kindness. For ages 7 and up. $150/8 kids.

– Creative at Céramic Café: A mug? A piggy bank? A picture frame? In one and a half hours your youngster will create his/her piece of art. You can also rent a kit and plan the party at your house. For kids aged 4-17, approximately $210 for 6 kids, 2 hours. Up to $13 per person at home.

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