The very best baby stores in Quebec

As you know, there are many moms here at MiniBulles, and we all have one thing in common: we are crazy about shopping! So, once again, Vero has taken delight in presenting you with a small list of cute baby stores (or should we say virtual Ali Baba’s dens of maternity!) located throughout the major regions of Quebec.



La Jolie Boutique — 5623 Parc Ave., Montreal.
If Santa really had a workshop, he would have certainly chosen this location. Their toy section is breathtaking (the hardest part is not being able to take everything home with you). They have a variety of baby accessories sure to please all new parents. The store had to be expanded by one floor in order to include baby furniture.

Rose ou Bleu — 3520 Saint-Joseph  Blvd. East, Montreal
This store is already well known by Montrealer parents, but it is still a place you must visit. Their staff is very well informed and they carry only the best products on the market. Whether you are looking for furniture, accessories or even the Cadillac of strollers, it is definitely the place where you will find it!

South Shore: Maman Autrement — 1416 Montarville St., Saint-Bruno
The place to go for those who embrace the concept of natural parenting. Here, you can find all the accessories that are needed by parents on a daily basis. Whether you want to buy eco-friendly products, visit their second-hand items department or even take one of their many courses (babywearing, sign language for babies, baby massage, etc.), this store is the place for you.

Québec: Boutique Chloë & Justin — 1200 rue de la Faune, Saint-Émile
The avant-gardist in you will be thrilled with the discovery of this brand new store that is located in Quebec! As stylish as it is innovative, it will captivate you with its original products, which are, for the most part, designed in Quebec.

Estrie : Les Petits Ziboo — 306 rue Principale West, Magog
This captivating store stands out because of its handmade items. We fell in love with their wool stockings, knitted by none other that Petits Ziboo. The only warning: your children will refuse to leave after visiting their playground.

Outaouais : Boutique Minimi — 417 Alexandre-Taché Blvd., Gatineau
Perfect for elegant parents, The Minimi store is really pleasing to the eye. Those who thought they had to say goodbye to the contemporary look of their home with the arrival of a child, have certainly never visited this place.

Laurentides : Mimi & Pépino — 357 rue Principale, Saint-Sauveur
The magic begins as soon as you set foot in this place. Although you can find all of your favorite brands in the accessories department, it is definitely the clothing that stands out in this store. Among others, you can find Tea Collection, Munster, Noppies and Coccoli. The meticulousness of the owners when selecting their suppliers is clearly visible in each square foot and only one visit to this place will be enough to get you hooked.

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