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Restaurants with a great atmosphere, hidden gems, mind-blowing experiences, or unique and helpful tips: MiniBulles is full of good ideas and plans, written in a humouristic, light style.

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MiniBulles was elected the 3rd best Lifestyle Blog in Canada!

When this website first started, Sophie Guinet wanted to share her favourite places and her favourite things with you. Sophie is simply a hedonist, since birth. Always enthusiastic, on the lookout for what’s cool, she is always concerned with questions about a long-lasting quality of life. Sophie is a journalist, working side by side with Jacynthe René in L’emission Vive (the lively show) and on Jmagazine. You will certainly recognize her: she is always laughing!

Marion Kressmann has joined her in this adventure. Marion has been writing for the female press for years, and she is the author of city-guides, which was crowned with success in bookshops (yes, of course)

Regularly –for our pleasure– other collaborators come and do their little part, too. Also, MiniBulles receives and welcomes volunteers with very specific participation, such as suggestions or newly found articles.

Writers for MiniBulles: Sophie MartinIsabelle Mallet.

Delighted participation by: Julie MainiolJill De Conninck jewelry maker, Sophie BeaubienVéronique TurcotteCaroline Billo.


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